Authentic Writing

I love when people come up with ideas that are simple and total genius. One of the special ed teachers at my school is quite amazing. She really gets to know the kids she teaches and tries to meet them where they are and push them further each time. I have a little one in my class who is charming and lovely, but struggles academically. One of the things about her that is special is how much she loves her family. Yesterday was her brother's birthday and she wanted to make him something special. Mrs. C took her for some ELA special one on one time and when she returned she had a huge smile on her face.
Mrs. C had copied the pictures of one of her most favorite books.

Then she had this little girl write in captions to share a story about herself and her brother.
 Her pride was undeniable and when I shared it on the projector screen with the other kids, they wanted to do the same. Authentic writing makes a huge difference.


  1. What a wonderful way to tap into that interest in her family! Thank you for sharing that! :)


  2. Making the learning fit the child rather than the child fit the learning. Bet everyone had fun and left the experience feeling good.

  3. If this post had a "like" button, I would be hitting it repeatedly!

  4. Genius is right ... how wonderful it must have felt to experience that success!

  5. What an amazing, fabulous idea. I will be smiling about this for a long time! Have a happy weekend!

  6. Your blog is a gold mine today! I can't wait to share this with my class.