Today was one of those days when I wondered if someone should check me into therapy. These are the things I worried about and obsessed over.
Are the sharp?
Do they have good erasers?
Are they organized or do they look like this?
I REALLY couldn't stop thinking about the darn pencils. I knew it was bad when the kids started talking about the pencils and their qualities.

My books are in a total and complete disarray. I can't think about anything else, except maybe pencils. I can't believe they have gotten this bad. It's just that the kids are obsessed with reading. They fight over books and they beg to borrow them and take them home. I have become one of those teachers who isn't sure where her books are. It hasn't really bothered me because my most valued goal in teaching is to have children find themselves in books and this complete insanity that I call my classroom library is the apparent result.

But I want this...
 and this...
So, though I just got a stellar observation that Marzano himself would be proud of, I am clearly a little unbalanced. I need order right now, but it's the kind of order that requires time and that my friends is a hot commodity.


  1. Those libraries are photoshopped or botoxed! (no offence to the teachers of those classrooms!). Next you will be wanting to see your desk!!

  2. Those library pictures must be taken before the first day of school!

    1. Totally. I know this, but I still wish I could make it happen. Maybe I should have been a librarian. :)

  3. I A LOT of new pencils to create balance even though that might only be masking the problem. :o)

    I feel the same exact way. I personally feel it should be a second job with how much time I seem to spend with them...sharpening them, making sure I always have enough, and weeding out the short stubby ones with the chewed off erasers!

    First Grade Lyons' Den

    1. I do have a TON of pencils, but I feel a weird guilt that I throw them out when the erasers break or they are half way down. Have fun this weekend!

  4. Nothing sadder than a library that looks like nobody's touched it.

  5. Pencils, I have a thing with them as well. Congrats on your stellar observation! Happy weekend!

  6. My guess is that you use your time for other, more important things ... and balance? ... the million dollar word. What an insightful post. Therapy? It's never a bad idea, but I can certainly normalize some of your worries. February can be a sad and difficult month if we're not careful; hang in there and find those friends to take you for a Girls Night Out!

  7. The best thing a parent said to me 25 years ago was, "I'm always so happy to see your desk is a mess. That means you don't spend a lot of time at it!" I remember the exact words and they have stuck like glue to my brain. Spending time with learners...Now that is important!