Nonfiction #nf10for10

Nonfiction Picture Book 10 for 10

It's here.  Today is the second year for #nf10for10 --- a celebration of nonfiction picture books.

I have done a 10 in 10 for picture books before, but not a nonfiction 10 in 10. I am going to organize the 10 books I choose around nonfiction books that are easy for kids to use on their own. I think we really need to give kids more independent ways to locate the information that interests them and record that information either through their own information book writing or a graphic organizer or a presentation.

I'm starting my list off with a series of books that have made my classroom so much more independent this year.

# 1 Pebble Books These books are written at lower levels, the illustrations are wonderful, the books are small in size making them just right for K-2 kids and there are so many of them. A kid can find a topic that suits and read it on his/her own. I use them as my models for think alouds as well.

# 2 Let's Read and Find Out Books These books are engaging and there are so many of them out there that you can usually find books a kid will be interested in. I like how these books are divided out into interesting sections with lots of captions so that kids learn that some books don't have to be read from beginning to end, but rather from where they are interested.

# 3 Books by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long These books are reminiscent of Waldorf style teachings. They are soothing and pleasing and incredibly informative. The children are really drawn to the illustrations which helps them illustrate their own works more effectively.

# 4 Books by Gail Gibbons Gail Gibbons books are the standard to which most nonfiction authors look. She has written so many books that children will always be able to find one they adore or are incredibly interested in. I use them as mentor texts all the time when I teach information writing.

# 5 National Geographic Kids It would be impossible for me to share nonfiction books without sharing this amazing series. National Geo Kids are a staple in my classroom. The photos are wonderful and the format helps kids really learn how text features work in nonfiction.

# 6 Smart Kids Series These books are well written and again hold kids' interest. I love that they have books for all ages and topics. This helps me share with kids how ANYTHING you know can be an interesting information books.

# 7 Me...Jane This isn't a series, but whenever I read this book to kids they become obsessed with learning more about real people. It isn't easy to find biographies that work for first graders, but this one is quite special.

# 8 Books by Jerry Pallotta I first came across Jerry Pallotta's books when I was at the Museum of Science in Boston. They had his butterfly book and I was mesmerized! I had to have it. Now I have several of his amazing books. You really have to read them to fall in love.[field]=author

# 9 The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind I haven't read this to my first Graders, but my son's teacher read it to her third graders and Felix hasn't stopped talking about inventing things since. He seemed to really be taken with the fact that a kid could invent something and help real people in real world situations. I would love to read this alongside. Ivy and Bean's Break the Fossil Record as a tie in.

# 10 Backyard Books These books are so engaging and can be used with very young children. I learned about them from my son's amazing preK teacher. She really got kids engaged in the world around them and she swore by these books.


  1. I love any and all books by Gail Gibbons! She does such a great job on her nonfiction books and they can be used at any level! This is a great collection! Thanks for sharing.

    Teaching Momster

  2. A wonderful theme! Love the backyard books as well - they are very popular in my primary classroom.

  3. Kimberley,
    You have so many smart choices here. Finding books young readers can read and think about independently is a constant quest. You've given some great suggestions here. I need to check out Let's Read and Find Out. I love love love everything National Geographic puts out - high interest and good readability. Jerry Pallotta is also new to me. I'll be checking these out! Thanks!


  4. What a great theme! I am not familiar with The Backyard books.

  5. Love your list! The Pebble Books series look like just what our 1st graders need. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Kimberly - Great list of titles and series here! I really like the Backyard books and use them as anchor books for nonfiction writing with older students. Thanks for sharing the Pebble books- they look perfect for beginning readers. Let's Read and Find Out books are also great for early grades. Thanks for all these great Nonfiction series!

  7. The books by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long are among my favorites. They are so beautiful. Sometimes I get all twisted and worry that the kids shouldn't touch them or they'd be ruined. Nutter- all the way. I've used them to help with whole group question generating lessons and wonderings- just because even the illustrations help the kids get imaginative about nonfiction.

    The Meek Moose